Saturday, August 24, 2013

Best of Summer Playlist

As much as students like me hate to say it, the summer of 2013 is slowly but surely coming to an end. School has started for many and if it hasn't already, it will in the next week or so. The days are gradually getting shorter and the temperatures are very slightly dropping. Fall is approaching and will be here in the blink of an eye. 

With the end of summer come the best of summer playlist. Here is a list of songs that were absolutely on repeat this entire season for me. Some are old favorites, and some are new additions to many music libraries this summer. 

Cruise by Florida-Georgia Line
I definitely enjoyed the original more than I did the remix. The remix just sounded too robotic for me but the original was stuck in my head all summer. After hearing it on the radio over and over again, I finally decided to learn all the words so I wasn't just repeating the chorus over and over again!

Parking Lot Party - Lee Brice
Can this song scream summer any louder?! Living in the small town countryside, this truly is how us folk spend a Saturday night. When there's no large shopping malls or clubs for entertainment, just grab a bunch of friends and spend the evening in the Save Mart parking lot! It does happen...

That's My Kinda Night - Luke Bryan
Sorry for all the country songs but that truly is my genre of choice. I just recently came across this song and the beat had me falling in love the first time I heard it. Even my fiance (who isn't country music's biggest fan) was listening!

Pour Some Sugar On Me - Def Leppard 
This really is an old favorite of mine but for some reason, it screams summertime to me. I'm sure it doesn't for everyone and I can't tell you why I relate this song with summer... but I do! 

Barefoot Blue Jean Night - Jake Owen
If I had made a playlist last summer, this would most definitely have been on it! This goes back to my explanation of "Parking Lot Party." Listening to this song I just get images of swimming in the creek on a summer night, running around barefoot without a care in the world. Absolutely a summer favorite. 

Surfing U.S.A - The Beach Boys
I don't see how anyone could NOT associate this song with summertime! No explanation needed!


Did I miss anything? Let me know your favorite songs of the summer in the comments